Crusher Plants - Crushers

Production and overhauling of crusher plants for wood and stone

  1. Manufacturing of rotary grinder for all types of stone, capacity 10-200m³ per hour
  2. Manufacturing of any kinds of rotary grinders for wood, capacity 1-10 tons per hour
  3. Manufacturing of plants for producing wood briquets and pellets
  4. Production of spare parts for all types of crushers including shock beams, panels and other parts. We produce three types of wear materials, material which base is 12% Mn and five quality material which base is Cr-Ni-Mo cast iron to obtain a standard level of consumption of crusher shock beams.
  5. Designing and redesigning crusher facilities in accordance with the needs of customers, including a combination with separation, modular system with fixed and mobile form of electric drive, diesel generator and diesel-powered hydraulic.

Examples of our crushers:

Crusher for limestone Crusher for coal, capacity 300t/h Crusher for hard river stone 2 strojenja/mala-drobilica-sematski-prikaz.jpg Stone crusher with opening 1200x1500mm and 250kw motor Wooden pallete crusher 800x1500mm with magnetic nail separator Crusher for siporex blocks, bricks and coal Crusher for siporex blocks, bricks and coal Low speed two rotor crusher for stone, wood, coal,plastic, rubber and metal scrap (Scrap machine) Crusher with convert belts 1m x 50m

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