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Large crusher - crusher plant with dry separation plant for limestone

The company "Maxin Inženjering" was founded in early 1995 and since the beginning deals with metal materials in:

  • Testing of materials and welded joints with and without destruction
  • Creating models and castings and forgings of all quality and sizes
  • Matalnih thermal processing of materials and alloys
  • All types of welding operations and testing all types of welded joints and technology
  • Welding light and heavy construction

We have all the necessary equipment and facilities, professional staff to perform all types of welding under
supervision of any supervisory institutions.

The company "Maxin Inženjering" for twelve years has been designing, manufacturing, servicing and overhauling of crushers and separation plants for river stone. From the beginning the company has sought to respond to the best of the demands of the process of crushing, ie, to find a best way in technology to solve the and create profitable investment in stone crushing units, following the latest trends in country and in the world.

Our machines are the result of years of experience relating to the maintenance of all kind of crusher plants, improving our own knowledge and the coming up of new ones. They are characterized by their simplicity, safety and durability, making them accessible to all domestic locations and capacities. The company is equipped to design, develop and place any kind of this facility by the project philosophy "turn key system".

Crusher for limestone Crusher for hard river stone Mobile separation 2

Company info:

„Maxin Inženjering“ d.o.o.
Address: Borčanskih Žrtava 1914 br.65,
City: Beograd - Borča
Country: Serbia

PIB: 100571202


Address: Borčanskih Žrtava 1914 No.65, 11211 Borča, Tel/fax: 00381 - (0)11 411-2078; Mob: 00381 - (0)60 3323-026 - Email:

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